Hotel Loreta is situated in the building of the former Černín Riding School. The medieval building was first replaced by a Renaissance house, which was subsequently refurbished in the Baroque style. Later, the Černín family had a riding school with stables and a garden hall set up here.

  • The original Gothic house from 1384 belonged to the stonemason Michael Parléř, the brother of the builder of the St. Vitus Cathedral Petr Parléř. During the Hussite riots, the house was destroyed and the town donated the land plot with ruins to build a new house.

  • This year, a fire broke out in Malá Strana and Hradčany destroying the newly built houses. In the same year, the town was divided into three parts and gradually handed over to the townspeople for use and construction of new houses. The local land was bought by Jakub Menšík of Menštejn.

  • In 1718, Countess Marie Markéta of Valdštejn bought the house for her brother František Josef Černín of Chudenice. The new owner began an extensive reconstruction of the entire building, designating František Maxmilián Kaňka as the main designer. The stonework was carried out by Doméniko Rappa according to Kaňka’s designs.

  • In the 1720s, there was a stable for 16 horses located here along with a riding school and carriage sheds. Unfortunately, none of these buildings can be precisely located. Upstairs there were 4 apartments used, for example, by the count’s treasurer, the staffman or the baron.