What Loreta hotel has to offer: 

  • Reception desk
  • Accommodation
  • WiFi
  • Parking
  • Transfers
  • Info service
  • Morning report

Reception Desk

The modern telecommunication equipment of the reception and its staff provide guests with basic information related to their stay in the Loreta hotel. At the same time, the staff provides the full service required by clients in relation to visiting the hotel and the capital city of Prague.

  • Check-out. 11.00 am
  • Check-in. 2.00 pm. - 5.00 pm


The hotel offers accommodation in one of the most romantic parts of old Prague, in close proximity to the major Prague sights. The Loreta hotel, and therefore each hotel room, offers the unrepeatable magic of sensitively reconstructed historic interiors, including all the necessary modern technological and social amenities. The price of accommodation includes a morning meal served in the form of a buffet breakfast.


The whole hotel and restaurant premises offer free WiFi connection.


Parking is provided in kapucini Monastery (about 150 m from the hotel).

Price of parking:
€ 17/day (450 Kč/day)


The Loreta hotel provides transfers from the Prague-Florenc bus station for CZK 350/journey, from the Main Railway Station in Prague for CZK 350 /journey and from Václav Havel airport in Prague for CZK 500/journey.

Info service

The reception staff provides hotel guests with all available information related to staying at the Loreta hotel and in Prague. The information includes basic data on historic monuments and attractive tourist sights in the surroundings of the hotel, in Prague and in the Czech Republic, including an overview of the most interesting cultural, social and sporting events in Prague in the given period or throughout the year. We also provide tickets to events on request. General basic information for the period of staying at the hotel is provided to hotel guests in the form of a regular weekly report.

Weekly report

The weekly report provides basic printed information related to guests' stays at the Loreta hotel in Prague. The information includes a weather report, an overview of cultural, social and sporting events in Prague in the given period and throughout the year. The weekly report is available at the reception desk and is periodically updated.